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Tabber Stringer, the Automatic machine welding solar cell to string solar cell.It can weld 3bb 4bb 5bb 6bb and 1/3 1/2 cells
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[Device description]

Tabber & Stringer OTC1200 used for crystalline solar cells welding.it adopts Rotary cells feeder unit, cells moving unit, industrial CCD detection system, cell positioning unit , ribbon unwinding unit, ribbon arrangesing unit, ribbon layup unit, transfer cell adsorption units, welding unit, string cutting unit, string transfer unit, cell string turnover device, and PLC controller.

[Equipment technical features]

1, steal bases, milling of the mounting surface, stable structure;

2, Rotary cells feeder unit, easy feeding;

3, 5 million px industrial CCD, high-precision detection, and location;

4, floating positioning unit;

5, welding flux spraying, under control;

6, heating rods preheating, infrared heating welding;

7, cell string turnover device, and air drive;

8, PLC control systems, servo motor, with IO bus;

9, compatible with 156X156 125X125 2BB 3BB 4BB 5BB (replacement parts)

[ Equipment performance specifications]

Welding speed


Breakage rate

≤2‰grade A

Welding methods

Infrared welding

Apply flux

Spray welding ribbon

Cell bus types

2BB 3BB 4BB 5BB (replacement parts)

Cell specification

125X125;156X156, 1/5 1/4 1/3 1/2cells available

Cell spacing

1.5-40mm (according to cells size setting)

Use the width of the Ribbon

1.0mm-2.0mm (optional)

Welding force

3N (1.6 Ribbon, 180 degrees)

Each series number of cells

1-12 (adjustable)

White weld


Spacing bias


String length error

≤ ± 0.5mm (length 2000mm)

Linearity error

≤ ± 0.5mm (length 2000mm)

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